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Art feeds the soul. The appreciation and creation of art bypasses every social, economic and cultural boundary. It is not that I want to create, I need to create. Art is my method of processing every emotion, how I meditate and communicate my story.

An only child growing up, my collages sprang out of magazines and newspapers that my mother would bring home from work. Creating “ransom note” poetry pieced together with drawings and black and white images, I explored themes dealing with the cycles of life and death, growth and loss, waking life and dreams. As an adult taking classes, what I had once considered a “counterculture” medium evolved into “mixed media” work as I learned techniques that took my art to a new level of sophistication. My innate love of surrealism encouraged me to play with the scale and perspective of imagery to enhance symbolism. Expanding beyond 2D surfaces I began using found objects, thread and three-dimensional materials.

Currently I work with mosaic and stained glass. The transition to these mediums from paper and canvas came easily. It still allows me to play with many small pieces to create a cohesive whole, a concept that remains constant in all my work regardless of the medium.