Group Exhibition and Cookbook Launch
Adeline’s Cafe, November 12 – December 15, 2012

“Nosh: something delicious.
A small edible of tantalizing goodness.”

For this fundraiser show, members of Avenue for/des Arts presented a series of amusingly diverse images that played with the boundaries of recipes and art.
The Nosh exhibition was curated by Famous Empty Sky and included the release of a printed artist’s cookbook.

The Nosh cookbook features all the images from the exhibition with companion recipes provided by the artists. Copies of the colourful book are still available for order, with all proceeds going towards future AVA projects.

Special thanks to:
rena del pieve gobbi for artwork photography and cookbook design, Joseph Heald for proofing, hang direction and artwork wrangling, Michael Leiper for print production, David MacLean for invitation design, Gramma Publications for printing , Katie Varney for contributing wooden panels for artwork, Ed Varney for concept development, Adeline’s Cafe for venue and catering, and all artists, volunteers and reception guests for making it a delicious event!

Featured Artists:
Arlene D. Byrne
rena del pieve gobbi
Joseph Heald
Jim Heshedahl
Erin Johnson
David MacLean
Jan MacLean
Roz MacLean
Trish Mitchell
Thea-Rose Mitchell
Dominique Norville
Heather Renney
Sandra Jane Shaw
Famous Empty Sky
Helen Spaxman
Jeffrey Staates
Jenn Strom
Eva Waldauf