Joanne Brown

I am a printmaker and my prints are mostly woodblock, linocut, and painterly monotype prints.  Recently my work has been inspired by nature, music, dance, drama, and ancient stories.  I love learning and exploring processes, techniques and materials and enjoy sharing my work as it evolves and changes in direction. 

I have long been both artist and teacher.   I have taught young children, youth and adults.  I have a BFA from Emily Carr School of Art and a B.Ed and M.Ed from UBC in Early Childhood Education.  I was an Instructor at Langara College until my retirement and I now divide my time between my making art and sharing art within the community.  For me, art making is an ongoing adventure.

Contact information;  604-731-1707


David MacLean

David MacLean
David MacLean

David MacLean has worked in film and TV for the last dozen years; from gophering to production design to storyboarding, illustration and most things in between.  The experience and making of film is most fun at the point where image meets drama.  Storyboarding serves both of these masters and he feels lucky to be doing this as his current job.

In the past he he worked at the Vancouver Sun as an editorial artist for over a decade.

He likes ink, he likes lines, and he believes that on a good day, art is dragon burning up the world.  Well, form, or the idea of form. (And what is form aside from an series of accidents and desires?)  We’re here to make a mess, or if we’re not, we should anyway.  It’s an intense ‘edge of the cliff’ sort of fun, the making of art.

Married to Jan MacLean, and the father of Roz and Danny MacLean, who all do art as well, he does his best to keep up. He also writes plays, poetry and screenplays when he can. Currently he’s shooting his own films with a small team of friends.

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Trish Mitchell

Trish Mitchell

Art feeds the soul. The appreciation and creation of art bypasses
every social, economic and cultural boundary. It is not that I want
to create, I NEED to create. For me, making things is my method
of processing every emotion, how I meditate and communicate
my story.

As a child, my collages sprang out of magazines and newspapers
that my mother would bring home from work. Creating “ransom
note” poetry pieced together with drawings and black and white
images, I explored themes dealing with the cycles of life and
death, growth and loss, waking life and dreams.

Mostly self-taught, I have taken many independent workshops &
classes, learning new techniques to keep exploring & evolving. I
work with mostly recycled stained glass to create my mosaics.
Integrating my own drawings, painting & found objects, rust, bone,
thread etc, make these mosaics mixed media dreamworlds.

Transitioning to these mediums from paper and canvas came
easily. It still allows me to tell a story with many small pieces to
create a cohesive whole, a concept that remains constant in all
my work.


Helen Spaxman

Helen Spaxman
Helen Spaxman

Long-time Vancouverite, Helen Spaxman lives in the commercial drive neighbourhood on the east side of Vancouver. She attended Emily Carr College of Art and Design in the 80’s and graduated with honours.

Helen loves to manipulate materials, be it clay, yarn, paint, pastel, paper or plant material. But she also enjoys assisting other’s forays into creativity.
She has been instructing pottery classes for adults and clay classes for children at Britannia Community Services Centre since 1992.

She also designs and facilitates an assortment of art and literacy programs for Brit Centre and for the Canucks Family Education Centre, for a variety of age groups and class structures: toddlers, elementary-school aged children, teens, and parent and child together programs.

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Paddi McGrath

Paddi McGrath is a Vancouver painter,
using both oils and acrylics, and is a mixed
media artist. Her work is inspired by nature,
story telling, and whimsy.

She studied at the University of Victoria,
Alberta College of Art and Design and
graduated from Emily Carr University of Art
and Design, where she studied under Ian
Wallace and Neil Wedman. She has
exhibited her work in Canada and Italy,
and has work in collections in both

As well as her studio practise, Paddi works
as an art facilitator with vulnerable seniors
and is a founding member of Magpie’s
Nest Community Art Space, which
provides workshops with an emphasis on
upcycled materials.