Carrie Campbell

Carrie Campell

Carrie is originally from a small town in Northern Ontario. She was always a creative child and this was something that her parents always encouraged and supported. In the mid-nineties when Carrie was trying to figure out what career direction she wanted to go towards, a friend shared (literally) a dream about an art project that was created by a group of people to share what they thought about their community. This dream changed everything as a small group of friends made this dream a reality and the world of Community Artist was unfolded to her.

Carrie has been a Community Artist (now referred to as a Community Engagement Art) for over 17 years, but now she is taking a break from this art form and is concentrating on her own art, creating art for herself. She is now going back to her early roots, what was important to her as a child, her early influences that she still carries with her as an adult: family, friends, her community, nature, fairy tales and the love of being creative.