David MacLean

David MacLean

David MacLean has worked in film and TV for the last dozen years; from gophering to production design to storyboarding, illustration and most things in between.  The experience and making of film is most fun at the point where image meets drama.  Storyboarding serves both of these masters and he feels lucky to be doing this as his current job.

In the past he he worked at the Vancouver Sun as an editorial artist for over a decade.

He likes ink, he likes lines, and he believes that on a good day, art is dragon burning up the world.  Well, form, or the idea of form. (And what is form aside from an series of accidents and desires?)  We’re here to make a mess, or if we’re not, we should anyway.  It’s an intense ‘edge of the cliff’ sort of fun, the making of art.

Married to Jan MacLean, and the father of Roz and Danny MacLean, who all do art as well, he does his best to keep up. He also writes plays, poetry and screenplays when he can. Currently he’s shooting his own films with a small team of friends.

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