Eva Waldauf

Eva Waldauf was born in Toronto. Eva knew at a young age that she needed to be an artist, since she doodled instead of studied. She went to Ontario College of Art, graduated from the Experimental Art Department.

Eva moved to Vancouver in 1993 with her husband. She went to Simon Fraser University, a BA grad. in 1998 Arts and Culture Studies. She was a member of Gallery Gachet Coop. from 1999 – 2002 and Chair of Exhibitions (co-curating group shows).

Eva loves to teach adults. She taught Acrylic Painting and Collage at the Vancouver School Board for 3 ½ years. After a break, in 2009 Eva went back to teaching Collage.

In the past 3 years Eva joined the Avenue for/des Arts. In 2009 Eva curated the Tempestuous Words & Lush Images Exhibition, a collaboration between Avenue for/des Arts and Poets from Poetry Slam and Pandora’s Collective.

Eva has continued to create and exhibit solo and group shows, mainly in Vancouver and Toronto, for 25 years. In 2009 she was in 5 group shows including Winter Energy in Toronto. Since 2002 Eva has been writing and reading her poetry, which she feels is a new, exciting creative outlet.