Jim Heshedahl

Jim lives just off Commercial Drive in East Vancouver. He was born only a few blocks from his current home. In the intervening years, however, he travelled in Europe and lived briefly in New York City and for almost two decades in San Francisco. In San Francisco, he was involved with theatre both to make his living as a theatrical lighting technician and artistically as a musical performer.

He was a member of Twisted Kicks, a Bay Area rock and roll dance band. For over ten years, he was a founding member and performer in the Marco Polo Theatre Company. One of many high points with Marco Polo was his performance in “Berlin 1932”. He played banjo and other stringed instruments in a full body ape suit, bowler hat and fingerless white gloves. The show featured both original music by Ken Vega and also the music of Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht.

Jim has been an active member of Ave des/for Arts since the mid-1990’s. He has served as Treasurer for many years. He is a devoted supporter and participant in the Vancouver arts scene. His occasional forays into the world of visual art are always witty and surprising. They often incorporate elements of assemblage and collage.