Awakening the Trickster

Vancouver Central Library
August 2019

In all the world cultures, the trickster is a recurring theme in folklore, usually depicted as an animal, god, goddess, spirit, or human. The trickster’s role is to disrupt the established order of things, creating chaos with intelligent intent. She, or he upsets the status quo, thus keeping society from becoming staid and complacent. As a significant catalyst for change, the trickster can right wrongs by subversive action, manoeuvring across boundaries, under the very nose of the power structures in place.

Often we cling to the belief that life should proceed in a logical and orderly fashion, determined by the rule of laws and accepted social mores. The trickster thrusts us into chaos, thus rejuvenating our creativity and helping us to re-imagine our culture. our exhibit attempts to evoke and waken the trickster as something relevant and necessary, a present and powerful force in all our lives.