Cover To Cover

Group Exhibition and Artists’ Talks
Britannia Library Gallery, December 7 – January 5, 2006

Explore with AVA what is contained within the covers.

This exhibition, curated by Jenn Strom, featured original book cover concepts inspired by the text and content of some our favorite books. As musicians do “covers” of songs they admire, AVA artists created “covers” of book covers.

The covers could be redone, reinterpreted, or invented for a literary work not yet existing. They could capture the energy or storyline of the book, or create a different perspective on an old favorite. This multimedia group exhibition sought to honor the Britannia Library Art Gallery as literature met art with humor, passion and style.

This exhibition featured an installation in the display case of small press books and chapbooks published by Intermedia Press, under the direction of Ed Varney. At the opening reception Ed gave a talk about his experiences in independent publishing. Ann Vicente, accomplished paper artist, also treated the public to a special artist’s talk as part of Britannia’s “Sunday Art Talks” series, taking guests through the two gorgeous handmade books she made for the Cover to Cover exhibition, featuring prints of book covers.

Featured Artists:
Ed Varney
Ann Vicente
Lynsey Hamilton
Elaine Mari
Jenn Strom
Sandra Jane Shaw
Trish Mitchell
Helen Spaxman
Joseph heald
Famous Empty Sky
Bill Thomson