Midsummer Fete at Colony Farms

An Installation of bee sculptures made from natural materials
For Midsummer Fête at Colony Farms, July 6, 2014

This installation was lead by Glen Andersen, who suggested AVA members create an installation of sculptures made from organic materials for Midsummer Fête. Organized by Marina Szijarto, Midsummer Fete is an event “Celebrating Art, Environment and Organic Gardening” at the beautiful Colony Farms grounds in Coquitlam.

AVA members decided to make bees the subject of the installation, and each artist foraged their own natural materials and created their bees over chicken wire armatures. The work of Vancouver artist Nicole Dextras, was an inspiration to many.

At the event, AVA volunteers Carrie Campbell, Rena Del Pieve Gobbi, Eva Waldauf, Heather Renny, Dominique Norville, Helen Spaxman and her daughter Claire created a structure from bamboo rods to hang the bees from. They talked to guests of the festival about problems facing bees and planting bee-friendly plants. They also took some opportunities to enjoy the other activities such as the Tea and Scones tent with fancy hats.

For more information about Midsummer Fête, have a look at their website.