Spirit & Ritual

Britannia Library Gallery, December 2009
Group Exhibition

This winter holiday exhibition in the gallery of Britannia Library in Vancouver featured individual works by 10 artists and a collaborative altar installation. Interpretations of the theme “Spirit & Ritual” ranged from cultural rituals such as the flying Voladores de Paplanta in Mexico and Scandinavian Yulelog burning, to spiritual pursuits such as tarot readings and lighting candles to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Several pieces highlighted spirit in nature, and others explored more personal rituals like hockey, knitting and rock and roll.

The altar-inspired display case was lit from within with sparkling lights and glittering surfaces, glimpsed through ornate, black paper cutout lattices. Religious and spiritual objects, symbols, photographs and artwork combined in this multicultural tribute to the theme “The Return of the Light”.

The exhibition was guest curated by Trish Mitchell, with assistance by Jenn Strom, under Britannia Gallery Head Curator Haruko Okano. The exhibition opening featured a choral performance by Voices Rising. As part of the exhibition, a free hands-on workshop, “Paper Altars” was given by AVA members Famous Empty Sky and Trish Mitchell.

Featured Artists:
Harry Grunsky
Jim Heshedahl
Erin Johnson
Trish Mitchell
Sandra Jane Shaw
Famous Empty Sky
Helen Spaxman
Jenn Strom
Katie Varney
Eva Waldauf