Havanna Gallery
October 26 – November 8, 2008
Group Exhibition

Decadence, romance, magic and kitsch.
Showcasing diverse styles and mediums, from velvet painting to photography, textile arts and 3D assemblage, many associations with velvet were explored in this dynamic group exhibition. The exhibition was curated by Jenn Strom, with 24 artists creating original works on the Velvet theme.

The opening reception was enjoyed by a sea of guests and participating artists, many in velvet attire. Some highlights of the exhibition included: A sad velvet clown painting in glitter frame, by iconic Vancouver artist I, Braineater; Embroidered stag and doe silhouettes on jewel-toned velvet in antique carved wood frames, by Katie Varney; and a dreamy Emily Carr totem rendered in soft pastels on a treasured heirloom velvet evening dress, by Sandra Jane Shaw.

Featured Artists:
Jake Bibledorf
I Braineater I, Velvet Elvis
Chad Galloway
Harry Grunsky
Jen Hiebert
Erin Johnson
Katherine Laflamme
Les Lukacs
Ella Marshak
Jen McGowan
James Melcher
Trish Mitchell
Thea-Rose Mitchell
Trixie Peaches
Katherine Polgrain
Heather Renney
Sherri Rogers
Sandra Jane Shaw
Famous Empty Sky
Helen Spaxman
Jenn Strom
Daniella Tovar
Katie Varney
Eva Waldauf