New Members

Avenue for the Arts (AVA) is a non-profit visual arts group, founded in 1983 in the Grandview-Woodlands community of Vancouver, BC. AVA members meet
monthly to share information and techniques, discuss local art issues and
organize events. AVA has facilitated free public art workshops, cultural
development studies, writing and art contests, children’s programs, art
consultation, and produced many group art exhibitions.

AVA is comprised of artists with varying levels of experience working in many
different mediums. This lends itself to seasoned artists mentoring emerging
artists, and many different strengths and talents being contributed to group
projects. AVA has a long history of success organizing and installing multi-artist
interdisciplinary shows.

Since 1983 Avenue for the Arts has been a vibrant part of the local arts
community, contributing unique creative vision, strong organizational capabilities,
a team of diverse, talented members and an expansive network of collaborating

Why You Should Join Us

  • Opportunity to be actively involved, attend monthly meetings etc.
  • Opportunity to show your work in group shows at least once a year
  • Opportunity to build connections with community
  • Support and encouragement from other artists

What is Required from Members

  • Members pay an annual fee. (Currently $50.)
  • Membership is inclusive, members are respectful and supportive
  • Members commit to participate, be on a committee, and take a turn on the board
  • Members create art and support other artists in the community